I owe my nurse a beer and I’ve never been more excited to owe someone a beer in my entire life. The day before Thanksgiving I had my first set of scans completed related to progress with cancer. It was definitely a scary day, so as I was getting ready for the actual scan, I decided to do what comes naturally to me when I get nervous, make a joke to calm myself down.

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Little steps and big jumps

When we are not playing hide and seek, my almost 3-year-old Ethan has another favorite game. He loves to take a few blankets off his bed and lay them down on the bedroom floor. They act as a runway and he leaves a small gap at the end between the blankets and his bed. He then heads to the end and takes off full speed, jumping the small gap and landing on his bed. I of course am told to get in line behind him and then after he goes, I get the chance. My chances are filled with Ethan’s critiques regarding my running speed or the way I jump or the way I land not quite being perfect, but I feel like I’m getting better at it.

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The first time meeting the whole family!

I kept studying and studying, but I just couldn’t get everyone’s name down. I had met some, but not all of Autumn’s dad’s side of the family. Her dad is one of seven children, so finally meeting all of them, it was going to be a full house… literally. About a week earlier, Autumn had started showing me a picture of everyone and I kept trying to get all the names right, but to be honest, I’m terrible at names. Christmas was coming fast, we had been dating for over a year and my audition in front of everyone was about to arrive.

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Four Big Thank You’s!

Anniversaries are supposed to be special days. For our fifth anniversary last year, Autumn and I went out to Martha’s Vineyard on a great vacation. Unfortunately that fun had to count for both our fifth and sixth. This year, for our sixth anniversary, the day before on September 13th, we finally had all the tests back and confirmation on the exact type of cancer I had and where it had spread. As a result, on Friday the 14th, we spent the afternoon getting squeezed in to meet with the first medical oncologist we considered working with regarding my potential treatment plan. It unfortunately became what has been to date the most difficult day of my life I can remember. Let’s just say a rosy picture wasn’t painted in the meeting. A lot had to do with another consult with a surgeon and just how close or realistic surgery was, but let’s just leave it as some tough things to hear. Continue reading

Round 2: The 20 year throwback

Greenbean. Greenstein. Gangletron. All nicknames that I have had at various points in life for various reasons, but if I had to pick the one I am most proud of, it would be King Uno. Now my dad or sister might dispute that being my nickname as opposed to theirs, but they aren’t the ones writing this blog! Continue reading

“I love you daddy”

The greatest four words any dad always wants to hear! Since my diagnosis, there have been a lot of little things I have tried to be better at. Putting away my cell phone, especially when spending time with the kids is definitely one I’m still working on improving. One of the other things I have made the conscious decision to do is make sure my family knows just how much I love them. To do that, you have to find ways to show them that love, but you also have to make sure you are telling them how much you love them! So, I have been working to tell both Ethan and Brooks at least 10 times a day that I love them. It might sound excessive, but hey, I decided I wanted to do it and I am sticking to it! Sometimes we have to put those reminders closer together than I would like, but we are continuing to get it done each day!

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The first disconnect day… LGRW!

This year for my birthday, Autumn went above and beyond and got me what I considered a very special present. Tickets to the Red Wings season opener (for those of you non hockey fans, LGRW = Let’s Go Red Wings!). I hadn’t been to the new Little Caesars Arena yet since we were living in Chicago last year when it opened, so this was my first chance to see the new building and cheer the Wings on in their first game as they march to a Stanley Cup Championship this year! Or perhaps a last place finish and the first overall draft pick… We can still hope for the cup at this point though!

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